Student Blogging Challenge- Challenge 2- Activity 7! :)

Activity 7. Where I would love to visit and why

Write a post or use a web 2.0 tool telling your readers about a place you would love to visit and why. Try to include some hyperlinks (links that are underlined in your post and take your readers to another website)

The place that I would love to visit is HOLLYWOOD!!

I would love to visit Hollywood it would be like a dream come true for me. I want to walk down the Hollywood walk of fame and find me favourite celebritites stars.

It would also be pretty amazing beacuase you might be lucky and see a celebrity walking througt the street or you might find their houses. I would love to go shopping in Hollywood and see the Hollywood sign.

Now that I have told you about where I would like to visit I am going to start on Activity 8.

Activity 8. Create a game or quiz about your town, state or country

A few places to do this include: Quiz Revolution, Class Tools,  Remember to check with your teacher or parent before using these web 2.0 tools. Sometimes your teacher or parent will create an account that is moderated by them and is therefore safe for students to use. Do you know any other places to create games and quizzes?

You can also check out my quiz about Tasmania on my blog! 🙂


8 thoughts on “Student Blogging Challenge- Challenge 2- Activity 7! :)

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  2. Hello!!

    I’m doing the blogging challenge too and I was wondering if you lived in the U.S? I haven’t been to Hollywood but it sounds pretty interesting. 🙂

  3. Hi Jenanne,

    No I don’t live in the U.S, I live in Australia. To be more exact I tive in Northern Tasmania.

    Georgie 🙂

  4. Hi Georgie, My name is Mikayla and I live in California, USA. I have recently been to Hollywood and went down the walk of fame. It was so cool and my friend went a few weekes after I did and Met Justin Beiber and took a picture with him. He is a very popular singer ikn USA and Canada. Who is a famous singer in Northern Tasmania? Please reply on my blog.
    – Mikayla (:

  5. Hi Mikayla,

    We dont have any singers in Northern Tasmania. Tasmania is a pretty small state.
    That is pretty cool that you got a photo with justin Bieber.

    Georgie 🙂

  6. (this is for the student blogging challenge Activity 6)
    I decided to visit a girl called Georgie’s blog who is participating in the student blogging challenge as well! I looked at the sidebars and I found that she has a lot of interesting things like how many people have visited her blog and a count-down until her birthday! She also has some pets, a bookshelf, an ipod and a glittering welcome to her blog. I found that maybe she had too much pets but other that that I loved to play around on her blog, as well as read her interesting posts. She has lots of polls and blog rolls that are interesting to use. Over all I think her blog was well structured and I wasn’t too distracted by her widgets!

  7. Wow, you live in Australia? I live in Dallas, TX. I think it’s so cool that you can learn about people from different countries through blogs.

  8. Hello Georgie,
    I just finished reading your blog on your place. I too would love to see Hollywood. It just seems like a good place to go. I think that you write in a very nice way and look forward to reading more blog posts from you. Keep an eye out for movie stars,
    Christopher Reindl

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