Gingerbread Houses !! ;)

Hello Bloggers,

As your may know it’s Christmas soon and I am getting into the festive spirit by making my blog CHRISTMAS THEMED !! I am also going to try and write some fun posts about christmas including things to make and do.


Every year sometime in December I make a gingerbread house with my brother William and my mum. We usually make 2 separate ones and my brother and I decorate one each. My favourite part about making the gingerbreads houses is decorating them I love covering the gingerbread with chocolate and lollies of all kinds. I love being as creative as possible. On Christmas Day all of my Aunties, Uncle’s and Cousins come over to our house and we have a big christmas lunch and them we all pig out on the gingerbread houses.

 It is really easy to find a recipe to make a gingerbread house you pretty much just use and normal gingerbread recipe and find some templates off the internet and then decorate it however you like.

I Hope this Post inspires your to make a gingerbread house this Christmas because they are easy and fun !! I really hope you have an amazing  Christmas and a Happy New Year


2011 is my very last year before I go to High School. I am going to miss everything about my current primary school. The thing I will miss most are my friends. We are all going to completely different High Schools and none of them are coming to the same school as me. I have been counting down how many days I have left of school and on Wednesday the 7th of September I realised that I only have 9 and 1/2 days left of Primary School. Oh and by the way the reason I only have half a day is that its a tradition at our school that after the end of recess we all have an assembly and at about 12:30 everyone in our school says goodbye to the Grade six leavers and we can either leave or stay for the rest of the day. On the last day me and my friends are going to walk to the Aquatic Centre and hang out there for the rest of the day.

Other things im looking forward to are our Leavers Dinner, Grade 6 presentation evening where some students in grade 6 get presented awards for things such as Sport, Art, Maths, English and All-rounder. My friends and I also happen to be performing our dance at the Grade 6 presentation evening. We have been working on our dance for a couple of weeks now and its starting to look really good. Also at our school we get leavers tops that have all of the names of the Grade 6 leavers on the back of them. On the last day of school we are allowed to write on them and get people to sign them as a reminder of our last year of primary school.

I am really looking forward to High School because I like making new friends an having lots of fun experiences.

Perhaps your would like to tell me about your last year at Primary school by commenting on this post.

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Sportsgirl ! ;)

At school nearly all of my friends and nearly all of the girls in my class have a Sportsgirl bag. Sportsgirl bags are pretty popular in our school and there are so many girls of all ages who have them.

What I like about them the most is that there are so many different colours and pattern’s on them. I have 2 Sportsgirl bags and my very first one I got was a black one because my mum said I had to get a black one for school but then the handles on my black one broke so I got another one my current one is a coral sort of colour and white and it looks kind of like tye-dye. 

Im going to tell you what Sportsgirl bags my friends have got :

Bonnie has a blue one with yellow and white daisies on it, Lily have a yellow one, Jacinda has a Red one, Darcy has a Red, yellow, green and blue stripy one (I call it the Stripy twister bag because it reminds me of the game twister) , Edina has a Purple one, Alex has a red spotty one, Keisha has a Charcoal one, Gabi has a colourful patterned one and  Meg also has a charcoal one!

My FAVOURITE thing! ;)

My favourite thing is Nail Polish! I love Nail polish so much and I paint my nails all the time currently my Nail’s are Painted Purple but its not just ordinary purple it cracked purple. At our school we are allowed to wear any nail polish you want but next year when I got to High School because I am going to a Private school I am not allowed to wear any nail polish only clear Nail Polish which is extremely boring.

Like Bubbly Water Nail Art - Preview by CucumPear, on Flickr
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.0 Generic License  by  CucumPear 

 Now im going to show you how to make Cute little owl nails :

I love nail polish because there is so much you can do with it and it so much fun. You can make anything from wols to angry birds to popcorn and bumble bees and so much more. I hope you like my post about Nail Polish !! 😉

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My Family! :)

My family is quite a large family. I have one Full brother, 1 step brother, 1 step sister and 1 half sister. Their name are William, Jono, Kaela and Lizzie.  William is 10 years old and he likes to play on the playstation, Wii and computer so he likes games, He also likes playing basketball and he recently won a basketball comeptition. Jono is 17 and he has just got his driving liscence. Jono is also great at playing Hockey and he plays it in school and out of school. Kaela is 20 and she is at uni. Kaela used to play Netball at High school and she was really good at it. Lizzie loves horses and she likes to ride our horse Trigger. Lizzie is 5 years old. She also loves to eat lollies! I have lots of pets and animals so I am going to name all of then. Minnie (Minature Schnouzer), Winnie (Jack Russel), Maggie (Visler), Trigger (Pony) and lots of cows, sheep and ducks. I live with my mum one week then my dad the next so at my dads house I live on a farm and at my mum’s house I live in town. I have 4 cousins named Lily, George, Thomas and Sophie.

That is my family! 🙂